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The Year In Photos

I kinda slacked on the photo taking department. The good news is that I also slacked on slacking for the very first time ever! This is all of them (in the correct order I think)  plus my last pic at … Continue reading

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Some of the really nice yoga teachers at this studio right next to my home (right next to in this weather!!) start their class asking if anyone has a request for a pose to include in the class sequence. Huh? … Continue reading

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The Shovel

Many odes to the shovel today I bet. I consider maneuvering the  shovel up and down my driveway  today’s cardio. My wrists are already sore which tells you a lot about the quality of my  shoveling abilities and also predicts … Continue reading

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New Year Mojo/Inspiration

Oh boy, the things you find when you have to wake up for a 6:30 AM yoga practice/class. You all know I’m a huge fan of this online magazine. Pep talks for grown ups! It seldom occurs to us, but … Continue reading

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Ima gonna post these quotes after watching yogadork’s sonic yoga video add post. Sigh. “Yoga is not an ideology, philosophy, or moral code about the “goodness’ of letting go and the “badness” of attachment. Letting go is what happens when … Continue reading

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Unorthodox Fun

Today’s article in the magazine of yoga (see below) has a wonderful analogy  that helped me further enjoy the memory of the  handstand that the nice yoga teacher lady helped me put together last night.  I even turned her down … Continue reading

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I am snickering as a I write this. Never in my life did I imagine that someone like me would be throwing in an  additional supplemental yoga  practice to the one she is actually paying for. I am “concerned” that … Continue reading

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