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The Year In Photos

I kinda slacked on the photo taking department. The good news is that I also slacked on slacking for the very first time ever! This is all of them (in the correct order I think)  plus my last pic at … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going To Cry….

Somebody please write a rebuttal! Although I doubt that he is totally mistaken. He is usually right on whenever I read his stuff. I have been noticing restless nights when I partook of too much pesto (my garden sprouted basil … Continue reading

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Coconut Water

Prior to very recently, my only experience with coconut water was watching my parents pay a coconut vendor at the beach to stay right by our umbrella with his wooden cart for the day. Around 11 am they and their … Continue reading

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They are in season at my farmers market (CT,USA) 5 or 6 fresh pitted apricots, a cup or more of frozen blueberries, a big spoonful of raw honey, a dash of cinnamon about a cup of aloe vera juice or … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed Juice, After “Palpitations”

I’m enjoying several glasses of freshly made carrot, apple, and aloe vera juice. It  feels so good to taste something other than herbal tea. My four day fast went really well. The only glitch was last night when I woke … Continue reading

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No, It’s not the rest days.

Man, another fantastic yoga day. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m impressive. I can barely finish a half primary ashtanga practice. But you know what? IT IS THE FUEL I’m putting in that is doing the heavy … Continue reading

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Be Prepared: Know AND Get What You Need

If you are starting your project/diet/plan on January 1, you know everything is closed and you can’t shop for anything  right? I have been tinkering with my grocery list for awhile so I know  that the staples I need are: … Continue reading

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