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Yoga Blogs & Food Blogs

Those are the two places where I spend most of my time online. Oh, and add my news junkie habit. I have however recently discovered that there are several yogis who have BOTH a yoga blog and a food blog. … Continue reading

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At some point during my daily meditation I perform a ritual prayer (more like a fervent plea) requesting among other things: fearlessness, generosity and to feel satisfied. The list is way longer, and that is a post for another day. … Continue reading

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The Mechanics Of Weight Loss In A Nutshell

Ladies and Gentlemen: Leaping Lanka tells you EXACTLY what to do and it’s hard to believe that people write entire books about it. “10-percent bodyfat for men, sub 15-percent for women  — is 85% food choice, 15% effort. Eliminate grains, … Continue reading

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Out Of Comission Ashtangis

After finishing my daily blog strolling (trolling, stalking, whatever you want to call it) yesterday, I couldn’t help but noticing that a lot of yogis are either sick or injured. What’s up with that? I hope you all  feel/get better … Continue reading

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I LOVE these MDs!

These guys should talk to the blogger from Prescribing Yoga! They are speaking the same language. One of them is going to be my Dr. I was waiting for one of my students to go through med school but the … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going To Cry….

Somebody please write a rebuttal! Although I doubt that he is totally mistaken. He is usually right on whenever I read his stuff. I have been noticing restless nights when I partook of too much pesto (my garden sprouted basil … Continue reading

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I’m off to see UConn play Texas Southern in Hartford. I’ve only seen Texan football devotion in the movies…I made 3 different kinds of vegan sandwiches, which will remain unidentified until they are tasted (heh, heh). And I am going  … Continue reading

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