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The Year In Photos

I kinda slacked on the photo taking department. The good news is that I also slacked on slacking for the very first time ever! This is all of them (in the correct order I think)  plus my last pic at … Continue reading

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Tallying Up

In 15 days I will end my blogging experiment. I already began another blog, but more on that another time. I have to tally up every weekly chart,, so I can figure out what percentage of days I followed the … Continue reading

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Blech Meant The Flu

The flu loves all that dairy and that sugar from Thursday. It is snowing hard and I want to go home please.

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I am as guilty as anybody, but I marvel at our ability as a modern society to slap a label on anything that is not 9 to 5 -everyone does it like this- normal. And of course if it is … Continue reading

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145 lbs. Heh..

20 to go. Can she do it???

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I met Bitch Cakes at Grand Central!

I am a huge fan of this young woman. I follow her progress because she treats her life like an art project, and I do not mean that because of her body art. I am referring to her zest for … Continue reading

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Week 42

Ten weeks left of my blog experiment. Even with a bunch of year end trips already scheduled, and the break in routine they entail, I think I can pull this off. Last night I watched a video of Jim Belushi … Continue reading

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