Tallying Up

In 15 days I will end my blogging experiment. I already began another blog, but more on that another time. I have to tally up every weekly chart,, so I can figure out what percentage of days I followed the tasks I outlined for myself. I can sort of predict the outcomes but we all love to see hard data don’t we? I have not weighed myself on  like 3 weeks but not because I haven’t been taking care of myself. On the contrary, I am doing exactly what I said I was going to do at the beginning of the year, with  very little push back, and during the holidays! Don’t let anyone tell you that practice doesn’t make permanent! I think that is my happiest achievement. That I became familiar with consistency. I was very familiar with the fear of falling down. Not very familiar with the actual falling down part, and not even remotely familiar with the getting up after falling part. I am thinking that I’ll take a photo and weigh in at the end of the month. I predict that I might be 10 to 15 lbs behind my goal at the deadline I gave myself. I’ll take it. With immense gratitude. And I will  also predict that I will probably be at goal by the end of January, beginning of February. ASHTANGA yoga & Blogging: Awesome.

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8 Responses to Tallying Up

  1. Nobel says:

    Does this mean that you are going to stop blogging on this blog permanently 15 days from now? 😦

  2. fivefootwo says:

    I can’t be releasing 52 indefinitely Nobel! I’m fooling around with a new blog which will be more about how yoga and cyberworld helped me become a big girl instead of a big baby. I will continue blogging there when it is ready in the new year. I believe all stories must have a beginning, a middle,, and an end. Can you tell I used to be a school teacher?

  3. YYogini says:

    Please keep blogging! I really love your writing! I’m glad you’re not familiar with the actual falling down part… it’s fun for awhile, and then I kind of wish it would stop 🙂

  4. fivefootwo says:

    Thank you so much. I sort of need to get more familiar with the falling part. I wish we could all remember how we pulled of the learning how to walk part and use that tenacity for climbing the places we want to visit and explore. I hope one day to use the words falling and fun in the same sentence just like you did! I’m just switching themes for my blog. I want a new look. Like buying a new box of coloring pencils, you know? I’ll pass it on as soon as it’s ready.

  5. loo says:

    you better not go anywhere! I fall all the dang time. On my face, remember?

    • fivefootwo says:

      That’s what I’m tryin’ to imitate Loo! To get the gumption to reach high enough to actually fall. I choose only the best examples.:) I’ll let you know when I move. I don’t have graphic artistry, so when I want a new look, I have to move blogs!!

  6. Congratulations, and can’t wait to see the new cyber you!

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