The Numbers & New Blog

Here is how it all turned out:

Blog daily: 95% of the time

Meditate daily: 73% of the time

Yoga 6 days a week: 73% of the time

1,200-1,500 calories a day: 71% of the time

5 miles, 5 days a week: 88% of the time

Take vitamins & supplements: 79% of the time

10 8oz glasses of water daily: 84% of the time

I guess if I had done everything at 90% I would have lost about 98 lbs instead of  39 lbs. But like I said before, I’ll take it.  Thanks for helping me out. I will now be blogging at:

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The Year In Photos

I kinda slacked on the photo taking department. The good news is that I also slacked on slacking for the very first time ever! This is all of them (in the correct order I think)  plus my last pic at 138 with 14 lbs to go: I’LL TAKE IT!!! Disclaimer- My Boobs are not as big as this last one make them look.

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Some of the really nice yoga teachers at this studio right next to my home (right next to in this weather!!) start their class asking if anyone has a request for a pose to include in the class sequence. Huh? Some competitive ladies yell handstand! Bested by wheel! And the teacher says sure no problem. This is my 3rd week there and I’m old enough to pass on something that does not look like a good idea without coming out as disrespectful or disruptive.  Having gray hair and a little pudge helps too divert the questioning about why not give it a shot? I will clarify that nice teacher put me into handstand and it was cool. Another gave me an assist in Urdva Dhanurasana that was awesome, but I knew I was not going to  tear something by trying to grab my foot in the air on a transition from Trikonasana to whatever that is called. Ah but yesterday during requests anybody? someone yelled Plow! and I thought I love Halasana! Well, there is a very good reason why this Asana is part of the FINISHING sequence! It hurts your back if you go into it too early during your practice session. I’m not a yoga teacher (not that I need to clarify that) but I used  to be quite a capable elementary school teacher, who believes in a lesson plan and that your ability to improvise and modify comes with time and knowledge of your students strengths and weaknesses. So taking requests like radio DJs (dating myself) is not ideal if you are teaching a class with students of multiple abilities (newsflash-all classes end up being like that). By now you have probably guessed that I hurt my lower back and I’m cranky about it. I bought a monthly that ends the 16th, and back to Ashtanga home practice it is.

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The Shovel

Many odes to the shovel today I bet. I consider maneuvering the  shovel up and down my driveway  today’s cardio. My wrists are already sore which tells you a lot about the quality of my  shoveling abilities and also predicts an interesting practice later on. I hope a salt bath works on wrists. Am I the only one lacking interest in goals and markers for 2011? I just want to keep on going. Finish learning primary, eat mostly plants and not till bursting, and not worrying if the “audience” is clapping or booing, just play it the way you think it should go.

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Quick Recap

4 day weekend cut short by blizzard. After winterizing the plumbing/heating, hightailed it to Portland and made it in right as it  started to snow. Hunkered down at fancy hotel downtown and had the  Fore St. Grill to ourselves! (best dinning in Portland) Then went back and watched all the talking heads loose it over the weather.  Took our chances and decided to get going around 8 AM. Drove 30 to 40 miles an hour, and what takes 5 hours took 8. When  we got home,  we had to get a shovel to dig a trench to get to the door.

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Packing the snowshoes and all the rugged stuff for a four day weekend at the cabin. Wood stove, hot water, no debris on the floor, and a brand new induction cooking range. But no laptop. Happy Festivus everybody.

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A New Attachment

I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not. I signed up for amazon’s because if I did I could buy my sweetheart a Flip video camera for $9.99 to take on his Bday trip. $14.99 a month and they gave me a $100 dollar coupon.  So I spend 4 hours yesterday with earphones walking around the house doing stuff ( I believe it’s  called multitasking).  You might think  I’m talking about doing the dishes or the laundry but no, at one point I was listening, to the audio book, checking email and catching up in  FB! Today I am fighting the urge to plug myself into another 4 hours with this:

I saw it reviewed in today’s NYT so I just went to audible and downloaded. No need to get up, and no need to wait for the UPS truck. I guess you kindle and iPad people are  going duh, she just discovered warm water, but no! I am seriously concerned about having one book going on my earphones and another one on some tablet/screen.

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